Hello World to Blog Post!

Photo by Zach Graves on Unsplash

Hello World to Blog Post!

No idea what I'm doing here but Hello! I'm a Computer science student learning on my first year learning the ropes of coding and stuff. This is either going to be fun or hell..i dunno.

I have a love and hate relationship with coding since middle school. I love leaning how it works behind the scenes of technologies that we use everyday.

One time I was obsessed with the game Minecraft, more specifically the command blocks where you can command stuff in the game. ended up making small minigames for my online friends witch the liked. But that was years ago and sadly I didn't document that fun memories :c.

Learned a little bit of python from my friends in 11th grade and learned a bunch of C# in the 12th grade. I decided I would fit into computer science.

This first year of collage I can finally prove myself that I can code and make valuable and useful! Might as well try out blogging even though I have no writing experience.

First year of collage my first language they decided to teach me is C. At first it was tough but eventually I love it. It's very simple and neat. The more you understand C the better you understand other languages like Python and C#.

Look at this thing I figured out to made :D

Anyways I hope I can make and document cool projects looking forward. Thankyou for reading!